What is Cordis Suite

Cordis is a Dutch software company and a supplier of a proprietary Low-Code software development platform with which machine-control software can be realized easily and quickly.

Since it was founded in 2000 the business has expanded with offices in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and Málaga (Spain) and has become a unique player in the machine-control software market supporting multi-vendor hardware.


The Challenge

The requirements of this project were simple but the execution turned out to be more complicated due to the complexity of the sector.

The challenges were:  Being able to explain in simple language the company’s value proposition transmitting trust, highlighting the magnitude of the company and its human team.

Simpler, easier

Before designing the website, I spent some time understanding the company and its needs,

Explaining the concepts through visuals was of great importance. For this reason, some sketches were made which, after being approved by the client, were included on the web, preserving the company’s blue and red corporate colors.

Cordis Suite Visual Universe

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