What is El Torcal Learning

Driving school with more than 25 locations in Spain, it decided to integrate an application into its teaching method to make the training more dynamic and fun.

The platform stimulates student learning, not only through the classic tests, but also has games, challenges, contests with other students, etc.

The Challenge

This project was a great challenge for me and the team at Katedral Studios. The work has not only consisted of carrying out a digitization of a teaching system, but it has also involved the launch of a video game from scratch.

The user can customise their own avatar and interact with other students. There are 7 types of scenarios depending on the driving licence.

From the studio I have carried out the design of scenarios, characters and screens, the insertion of the usual and approved tests and a system of points, prizes and gamification models that attract the attention of the driving school students. The correct combination of all these elements leads to a common goal: to make training fun.

To carry out this task, we have applied an elaborate framework of artificial intelligence, thanks to which the video game adapts to the student and their learning pace, emphasizing the topics that are more complicated for them or the questions where they tend to err the most.

Interactivity is essential in the creation of this serious game, which complements the theoretical information with competitions between users, rewards and prizes for the good work of the student and a real and direct communication with the teacher to ask questions.

Collaboration with Torcal Formación, whose driving schools are leaders in Andalusia and are gradually gaining prominence in the national territory, is a great springboard for both companies. For our part, we put into practice our knowledge and experience in gamification and inclusion of Artificial Intelligence, and for their part, they can be at the forefront of training and continue in the line of innovation that their academies follow today.

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