What is Enfermeras Alemania

Enfermeras Alemania (Germany Nurse) is a job portal dedicated to Spanish, Mexican, Colombian and foreign nurses who wish to work in Germany.

This website is aimed both at people who want to find a first job in Germany, and at those who seek to improve their working conditions in this country and find a new job in special services (Intensive Care, Operating Room, Anesthesia, Dialysis, Emergency) that satisfies your professional interests to a greater extent.

Enfermeras Alemania and Universitalent collaborate since 2012 in the direct selection of nurses in renowned hospitals in the most important cities of Germany.

Starting Point

The previous website was built in 2012, which fulfilled a correct function at the information level but presented the following problems.

  • It seemed out of date.
  • Lack of visual and corporate coherence.
  • It did not convey the necessary confidence in the nursing sector.
  • Need to increase leads, with more detailed information.
  • Reinforce the fact that it is a human team and not an automated tool.

Insight - How were they resolved?

Improve digital presence:
I created a rebranding, an easy topographic brand in all the group companies.

Search for offers by city:
At first, a search engine was proposed with two search criteria, City” and “Specialization”. However, this turned out to be an obstacle and I opted for the just “City” option to then show the user the list of roles where it could fit. Even opening the possibility of contacting in the event that their specialization does not exist at the time of the search.
This was due to business needs, being more feasible to get the candidate’s CV and then manually manage their incorporation

Real experiences
from real people

I added a page just exclusively for the nurses to share their experiences with the company. Some of the most interesting were highlighted on the main page, and the inclusion of videos was of vital importance.

Human team, always

To reinforce the fact that there is a great team dedicated to answering questions and that they study each application in a personalized way, I decided to represent them in a way that humanizes the company’s work, suggesting contact.

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