The festival dilemma

Music festivals are places where many things happen, sometimes they all happen at the same time, that is why attendees sometimes miss part of the activities because they don’t arrive on time, especially the spontaneous ones. This platform brings together all the information about the festival and your friends in one app, so that you can enjoy music, friends, activities, discounts, taking the festival experience to another level.

Bayer Persona

Buyer Persona


Discovering new music
Meeting of friends
Seeing his favorite artists
Seeing new places


Be in control
Keeping his group together
Not leting the party go down
Not missing any festival

Customer Journey

Knowing our user in depth, we detect that one of the frustrations is losing his friends, but at the same time he does not like to give explanations when he is “missed”. He likes to be located, but being “free” at the same time.

Ici 2

The solution

ICI lets him know on all the music events that may interest the user and accompanies him to the end, making the experience at the festival unique and more fun for him and his friends.

“Enjoy the festivals to the fullest without missing anything or anyone”

Choose your style

The first step is to indicate which is the favorite style to be always informed. With this information, the app keeps the user informed through notifications of upcoming festivals in their area. It allows to share and create groups of friends even before the festival to make the experience enjoyable from day one.

Find your festival

Find your friends

To be located being “free” you can tell your friends where and in what “state” you are, ICI also reports what is happening at the festival in real time so that you do not miss anything.

ICI Team

The best thing about creating ICI was the teamwork, we spent hours researching, validating hypotheses, creating different Insights.

We fell in love with ideas that we later had to discard … fortunately for this project we enjoyed the time necessary for full development, and the presentation was a success.

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