Crypto as a payment method

Cryptocurrencies are not only a form of investment and business, but can also be used to pay for goods and services. More and more users are demanding the option of crypto payment in all sectors. That is why we have worked on a solution that allows you to integrate cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in your e-commerce …

In this project I was in charge of:

  • Explore: Persona, Empathy maps, Task analysis, Journey mapping, Design review.
  • Concept and design: Concept testing, Tree testing.
  • Test: Lab usability testing, Remote usability testing.
  • Development: Wireframes, Prototyping, High definition design. 
  • Listen/mesure: A/B testing.

We have validated the hypothesis that cryptocurrency users would use cryptocurrencies as a payment method…

  • If it were as easy as paying by other means.
  • If transactions were 100% secure.
  • If the fees were lower.

User Story

To know that the whole team is talking about the same thing I used Kent Benk’s User Story technique. To do this we have to answer the following questions (Me – I want/need – to …) that although it seems obvious, it’s necessary to go through here to understand a specific need.

I as a crypto user, I want to be able to pay for products or services online using my cryptos in an easy, cheap and secure way, to have a decentralized payment method. “

NP Plugin

We created a plugin that allows crypto payments with an interface as familiar as Paypal or any other bank, self-installable and compatible with almost all frameworks. It also allows payment from any crypto wallet without the need for the user to be our client in very few steps.

We highlight the advantage of cheaper fee in the case of being our client, giving the facility of an immediate registration at the time of payment, thus covering one of the main needs of the company: attracting new users and creating community.

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