Cybersecurity and its drawbacks for the user

In the front end of the NP app we detected a gap when the user logs in. For cybersecurity reasons we have to constantly double check, which is annoying in many occasions, distracting the user and taking him away from the task. Here I tell you how we detected and solved it. 

In this project I was in charge of:

  • Exploring:  Journey Mapping, Design review, Task analysis.
  • Test: Lab usability test.
  • Design: Wireframes, Prototyping, Hight Fidelity Design. 
  • Listen/Mesure: Site intercept A/B testing.

Previous verification process

After logging in, the user received a verification code in his email that he had to enter manually to continue using the application, sometimes the email took time to appear in the inbox, sometimes the email fell into the spam folder and sometimes the user was distracted by other emails, which was a problem because this double verification was done two, three or even four times per transaction. 

How does it work?

The operation is extremely simple, the app displays a shortcut to Auth App, the user only has to wait for the verification email which has the code in the subject of the message. The user only has to confirm with a “Yes” the code matches, thus confirming that the system has not been hacked. After this action the user can return to the original application and finish the transaction. 

We offer the user to make the double confirmation by using Auth App.

He will receive an email with the number in the subject, so it will only be necessary to confirm with a “Yes”.

The application displays a confirmation message and offers to return to the original app.

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