Cryptocurrencies and their social perception

Crypto currency sounds like confusing and intimidating for many people. We needed an app easy to understand, fun to use, and approachable for all. It was likely that new users of cryptocurrencies needed a little help and education to make them feel secure.

In this project I was in charge of:

  • Discover: Contextual study, Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys.
  • Explore: Persona, Empathy maps, Task analysis, Journey Mapping.
  • Concept & Design: Concept testing, Wireframes, Prototyping, High Definition Design. 
  • Test: Lab usability test, remote usability test. 

Exploration phase: Empathy map

First of all I had to understand how people feel about crypto, so I started a study that gave me the opportunity to create this empathy map which shows is a clear general distrust but at the same time a great interest, which strengthens the idea that if we were to create a product capable of breaking those barriers, we could teach, facilitate and to become a benchmark in the crypto sector. 

How I humanized cryptocurrencies

The goal was simple, we needed to humanize the product to transmit tranquility and confidence with a more friendly visual aspect. 

In the onbarding I showed real people, (not graphics, coins or illustrations) through this visual language we intend to generate engagement with the user keeping it in all communication channels.

The native app encourages the user through notifications and tooltips to create the first investment with a very small amount of money. Aimed at people who are just starting to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and also for experts, offering extensive information on the status of their cryptocurrencies.

It allows you to trade, pay directly from your device, send money to your friends for free and find establishments where you can pay with crypto directly with your mobile. 

Low fidelity wireframes.

User flow of the process of sending money to a user by e-mail, adding him to the list of favorites at the same time.

Result in high fidelity.

The presence of the buttons “Buy, Exchange and Deposit” were of big importance, delegating the other options to a second place because for us as a company they are much more important, that is why these options are always present. 

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