About me

I couldn’t imagine everything that was to come when as a child I dreamed of being an architect, draftsman or artist. I used to spend hours drawing and everyone around me knew what my vocation was, so they didn’t understand when I decided to study … Business Administration. I worked in this sector but few years later, I suddenly changed the direction towards what I really liked, my great adventure had just begun.

Education is the key

After several years working in retail, and assuming great positions, I got down to work to redirect my career. The first step was to take a Master of Graphic Design, during that year and without having finished the master I began to gain clients and self-confident, which I needed to build up my courage and leave the job I’d been doing for several years, to focus on my own clients. To offer an even more complete service, I also took a Master in Web Design, among others … My personal brand began to gain strength and I used to move like a fish in water at networking events, talking about my work, as well as my own clients, quickly get collaborations with agencies in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid for branding, on and off marketing, web, editorial etc. )


There came a point where I needed help and surrounded myself with the best collaborators, so I decided to create my own studio called Buque 21 (large ship) thinking of all those who come up to it, clients and partners.

I made my own projects compatible with work in Social & Sons, where we work with clients such as Santander Bank or Fujitsu, (Marketing and Content Creation Agency, measurement and support with means to enhance transactions are key. Communication strategies specialized in the Asian market.) Or Katedral Studios (Creation of complex digital solutions. Design custom applications, gamification, augmented reality and virtual reality.)

Buque 21 exhibition at Malaga Trade Fair and Congress Center

Why UX?

In 2017 I realized how fast the sector was and how the world was changing. The big platforms were becoming monsters, thanks to thinking about their users and not about them and their own product. Keeping the users in the center, listening to them, investigating them was the key and I decided to travel to Madrid to obtain the UX / UI certificate. Since then I’ve never worked in the same way.

The jump

I wanted to grow, I wanted to work and learn alongside the greats. That is why once again I took risks, changed jobs and in 2019 I went to live in Ireland, where I’m working for Together Digital in Dublin, although I keep other projects alive on my own, such as teaching in the Master of Digital Marketing in ESESA (IMF Business School), where I have the pleasure of teaching the WordPress module and the countless experiences I’ve had in the sector.