St. Patrick's WEB-APP

The digital newspaper The Irish Time asked me to create a digital producer for readers who don’t live in Ireland, on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day celebration, they wanted the Irish abroad to feel close to their country and enjoy this celebration and encourage the pride of feeling Irish. In this project I was in charge of the research, concept, validation of the idea and design.

Empathization phase

Through an online survey I had the opportunity to meet and define the user persona, who showed longing and a great feeling of patriotism, 70% of the Irish would come to Ireland if they could on this date and 60% admitted to celebrate it abroad in some way shape.

St Patricks's

St. Patrick’s APP

The St. Patrick’s application allows you to share experiences and create events through user posts.

The publications are tagged and grouped according to topic.

It also groups the publications by places of the world.

Users can receive “clover” by way of like.


Publication User flow


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